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Behlen Salad Bowl Finish

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Behlen Wood Finishing Products
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Behlen's ready-to-use, non-toxic Salad Bowl Finish goes on smoothly with the same ease as with an oil finish, and dries quickly with the sheen and durability of a varnish. As you would guess from its name, this finish is food-safe after it is totally dried. It contains ingredients regulated by the FDA and is appropriate for using on wooden bowls, utensils and butcher blocks that will come into contact with food. It's also great for toys that are likely to end up in someone's mouth. The clean up is easy using mineral spirits.

For best results, apply 2-3 coats, allowing 6 hours of drying time between applications. Wait at least 24 hours before rubbing with 0000 steel wool. When block sanding, use 180 grit; then 240 grit; and, last, 320 grit paper. It will be worth the extra effort in the end. Work in well-ventilated work area and apply finish coat on clean surfaces. Do not add reducers to this finish.

Note: To maintain the Salad Bowl Finish's non-toxicity and food safety, apply the finish over raw wood (new wood or properly sanded wood). Follow directions on the label to the letter.
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