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Behlen Pore-O-Pac Grain Filler Reducer

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Behlen Wood Finishing Products
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  Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touch-up
Behlen  Pore-O-Pac Grain Filler ReducerBehlen  Pore-O-Pac Grain Filler Reducercancelleft arrowright arrow
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 B744-2006 - Grain Filler Reducer ($19.95) In Stock
This special blend of solvents is designed to be used with Behlen Pore-O-Pac Grain Filler to achieve a glassine finish. The recommended ratio is 4 parts filler to 1 part reducer. Filler Reducer is also handy for removing semi-dried filler that you might miss

As with using all solvents and flammable materials, rags used with this product should be disposed of safely.

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