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The Stick Chair Book

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by Christopher Schwarz

The Stick Chair Book furthers Chris Schwarz's mission to free woodworkers to build comfortable, durable and attractive chairs without assembling full and expensive workshops.

The book champions the chairs that “hedge carpenters,” farmers and other non-professional woodworkers built out of whatever wood was available.

The handsome stick chairs in The Stick Chair Book can be made from any kind of wood, including wood from a felled tree and unfancy wood from the local big box store. The tools you’ll need are saws, a drill or brace, a jack plane and maybe a couple specialty tools if you want to saddle the chair’s seat.

The book provides an introduction to common stick chairs and the tools and wood to build them, then delves into the chairmaking techniques for legs, arms and seat. You’ll never run out of options for the stick chairs you can make with the book as your guide - you’ll find out about 14 different seat shapes, 16 leg forms, 11 arm shapes, 6 arm joinery options, 14 hand shapes, 7 stretcher shapes and 11 combs. There are also 5 different chair designs to copy or spark your imagination.

Chris’ years of instruction, skill as a writer and woodworker and infectious passion for this subject make him the ablest guide imaginable.

Hardcover. 632 pages. Printed on a brilliant white 70# uncoated paper with pages are sewn, glued and taped for durability, then wrapped with 98-point boards that are covered in cotton cloth. Like all Lost Art Press books, it is produced and printed in the United States.

Pages: 632
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

Customer Reviews:
By: Nathan (Nov, 2021)
In-depth but accessible guide to building stick chairs, and a good blend of how-to, plans, history and general design principles. It's a big book. And a lot like a really great cook book. Fantastic print and binding quality.
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