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500 Chairs: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style

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500 Chairs: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style500 Chairs: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Stylecancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Ray Hemachandra & Craig Nutt

Part of the exciting “500” series, 500 Chairs explores the ingenuous and creative designs of contemporary chairmakers. The chairs - arm chairs, task chairs, dining chairs, rockers, thrones, chaises -- chosen by the authors represent a wide range of styles, forms and materials. Some chairs look delightful to sit in; others could hardly be described as functional and might even prompt some head shaking and fist wagging. What unifies the selection is the craftsmanship and commitment to wonder and beauty.

408 pages. 8"x 8". Softcover.

"As a maker of chairs and a fan of the form, I pick up most every book I find with the word 'chair' in the title. Lark’s new 500 Chairs is perhaps my favorite. Part of Lark Books’ beautifully presented 500 Series, 500 Chairs opens with a brief but thoughtful essay on chairs by Craig Nutt. Then it showcases chairs in a clean format: color photos, titles, dimensions, maker, and, for the most part, little commentary. Whether your tastes lean toward the traditional or contemporary, functional work or artistic interpretations, you’re likely to find inspiration in this book." - Editors Blog,

"If you think you've seen all that can be done in designing chairs, think again. Lark Books' 500 Series steps into the furniture world with gallery photos of everything from the bizarre to the purposely mundane in human seating ... A reader can skim the book for amusement, but you'd miss a lot if you didn't examine the photos closely. Selected by studio furniture maker and sculptor Craig Nutt, these 500 pieces are an amazing representation of the creativity and originality of the world's most innovative builders." -

""(What) sticks most in my mind after weeks of leafing through this winning picture book ... (is that) every page gives you something to consider. And each time you take a peek inside, you'll see things differently." - The National

"If you are looking for ideas for a project, an excellent source is Lark Books' 500 Series. While this series covers many craft media, woodworkers will find the most inspiration from 500 Cabinets, 500 Tables, 500 Chairs, 400 Wood Boxes, and 500 Wood Bowls. Even if you are not looking for ideas, there is much in these books to appreciate and enjoy. You will probably do lots of nodding, plenty of eye widening, some jaw dropping, and, naturally, some wincing. Each book delivers a huge quantity of outstanding work." - Rob Porcaro, Heartwood: Inside the Woodshop

"sThis visually packed tome [is] eye candy for any furniture aficionado."- AmericanStyle Magazine

Pages: 408
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

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