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Goodman's British Planemakers 4th Edition

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Found in Departments: The History of Tools and Early Technical Processes
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The 4th Edition of "Goodman's British Planemakers" took an invaluable and comprehensive guide to British plane makers - originally written by William Goodman as "British Planemakers Since 1700" and published in 1968, and last updated by Jane Rees and her late husband Mark Rees in a 3rd Edition published in 1993 - and updated it with over 200 pages of new information.

Jane Rees, the president of TATHS (Tools and Trades History Society) and author of "The Rule Book" and other several classic books about hand tools, has made good use of resources unavailable at the time of the last edition, such as family history websites, to explore the family connections of many of the planemakers. The book also includes new entries for previously unknown makers, with over 2,400 planemakers (up from 1,325 in the 3rd edition) and 2,250 maker’s mark illustrations included.

You’ll find biographical information about individual makers and family dynasties, of course, but also learned descriptions of the social and economic context of planemaking as an industry and trade. One particularly fascinating aspect of the book is its focus on regional clusters rather than just individuals, which allows us to see the interplay and influence within a community of skilled makers.

The book also delves deeply into the planes themselves, and makers’, dealers’ and owners’ marks and includes a mighty list of planemakers and dealers and apprentice records.

684 pages. Hardcover.

“This book is an essential guide for all tool dealers and auctioneers, assisting them in the preparation of sales catalogues and inventories. Plane collectors, students and researchers of woodworking, together with social historians, will find this book invaluable.” - David Stanley, David Stanley Auctions

“It brings the trade of planemaking in England alive.” - Tom Elliot, author, "The Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes"

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