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Stanley Tools Catalogue No. 34

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by Stanley Rule & Level Co.

Lost Art Press has dutifully recreated the Stanley Rule & Level Co. Catalogue No. 34 with their telltale artisanal quality of printing and a stunning update to the cover graphics. So you ask, what use could a 1914 tool catalog be - seems like a gratuitous production for hand tool collectors to lust over? You’re not wrong! But there’s more to it.

The 1914 Catalogue No. 34 is considered Stanley's most comprehensive offering, displaying a complete set of hand tools fit for the highest professional standards. The listings are accompanied by crisp graphics, sometimes with enlightening exploded diagrams. From planes, to braces, to rulers, to chisels, the hundreds of tools included range from a beautiful selection of wooden levels to the notorious “444” dovetail plane. In the store we find staff and customers alike dipping into the book, reading bits here and there, if not because the book is just fun and interesting.

A crucial reference for hand tool collectors, this is also educational and inspirational material for the hand tool novice. With concise and informative tool (and tool usage!) descriptions, Catalogue 34 offers insight into the mechanical principles of woodworking tools, and the hand tool processes that evolved into power tool design. If you’re just now building up a hand tool collection, Catalogue 34 offers a panorama of your options.

Heavy cardstock cover printed in color, weighty interior pages printed in black and white.

Made and printed in the USA.

Pages: 144
Binding: TP
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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The Lee Valley Catalog Predecessor
By: Gary (Oct, 2016)
For years, I periodically thumb through, or more recently, page through on the Internet, the Lee Valley Catalog as much to learn about woodworking as to admire and dream of owning the tools contained within its pages. I do the same here at TFWW since discovering it recently! The Stanley Tools catalogs where used for very much the same thing in their day, and as always, Lost Art Press has captured Stanley at it's height, and in its typical attention to detail and quality it is known for. I just love this book and highly recommend it for woodworkers interested in history, and the source of many of the tools we still use today.
I own this product.
Great item, but curiously ...
By: Josh Salomon (Oct, 2016)
Fantastic reference, and printed with usual high quality from Lost Art Press. Something curious to me though (and contrary to the note above) is that there are no chisels in the catalog. Does anybody know why?
I own this product.

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