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The Perfect Edge

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The Perfect Edge
The Perfect Edge
The Perfect Edge
The Perfect Edge
The Perfect Edge

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Now In Softcover
by Ron Hock

My friend Ron Hock, the owner of Hock tools, is one of the classiest and most knowledgeable folks around. The Perfect Edge showcases his deep knowledge of tools (and his ability to get everyone in the hand tool business - he's deservedly very popular - to share their tools and insights with him). For those who still need prompting as to why sharpening is so important, Ron begins the book with a quote from the well-known woodworking guru, President Abraham Lincoln: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

The book features tons of gorgeous photos that illustrate Ron's overview of just about every sharpening method and material, and specific chapters on plane irons, chisels, knives, saws, drill bits, scrapers, carving tools, turning tools, axes and power tools. The opening chapters contain a very welcome but rarely explained focus on metallurgy and the interplay of wood and metal that can really enhance your understanding of your own sharpening goals. The book is an exhaustive compendium of modern sharpening technologies for all sorts of tools. Ron is less interested in telling you "the one best way" and more interested in presenting the alternatives and trade-offs between many methods and how they apply to different tools. After explaining the concepts behind sharpening each particular type of tool Ron offers clear and concise instructions on how to proceed with the job.

Between the drool-worthy photos and Ron's encouraging tone, you'll be itching to sharpen in no time at all. We're pleased to announce that The Perfect Edge is now available in Softcover. 8 " x 11 1/4".

Pages: 223
Binding: TP
Publisher: Popular Woodworking

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