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Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners

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by Robert Jubb

Netsuke are carved Japanese miniatures that have evolved from their roots in the 17th century as simple button fasteners. (A traditional kimono has no pockets, so a small container, an inro, were used for personal stuff. The inro was hung by a cord from the sash of the kimono and the cord was kept from slipping from the sash by a small, usually carved ball, called a "netsuke.") Nowadays these carvings may be intricate and highly collectible. Robert Jubb’s guide to Netsuke offers a historical context for netsuke and its materials, tools and techniques, and then a step-by-step guide to making netsuke.

The book features eight projects of increasing complexity. The steps of creating particular details of animal features - bumps on the toad’s body; feathers; hair; eyes - are explained with impressive clarity. An additional twenty-plus other projects are shown with basic details on design, materials and technique so that you can understand how the carving was made.

The book also includes a portfolio of exquisite netsuke, both ancient and contemporary, showcasing a level of detail and craft that makes netsuke so enchanting.

Softcover. 7.5" x 10". 176 pages.

Pages: 176
Binding: TP
Publisher: GMC

Customer Reviews:
By: Marcus Gunaratnam (Aug, 2014)
An excellent book which I picked up casually as I was always intrigued by Netsuke. Easy to read and follow up ,I am in the process of collecting both the utensils and the wood to start carving.The result is a visual and Tactile joy.
I own this product.

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