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Modern Cabinet Work

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by Percy A. Wells & John Hooper

We were thrilled to receive a copy of this magnificent book. First published in 1908, Modern Cabinet Work was one of the standard texts for teaching professional cabinetmaking until it went out of print in 1956. The edition here is a re-issue of the Modern Cabinet Work�s third edition (1922), long considered the most important and comprehensive version of the book. This edition was especially prized for considering both traditional hand tools and power tools, which had by then become popular in the woodshop, in a sensible way - employing power tools for hard and repetitive work, while reserving hand skills for the detail work that gives character to fine woodworking.

We should mention that this is not a book for the rank beginner. Modern Cabinet Work was written as a textbook for training professional cabinetmakers. It was not unusual in this period for an apprentice to take classes in the evening, so the book discusses professional practice to round out their training. The first part of the book discusses workshop practice and basic definitions and uses of the tools that make up a proper tool kit. The book does contain some information about basic technique, but once this is briefly discussed, the book continues on, explaining types of joints, what they look like and then what they are used for, and then dissects and explains types of furniture - the anatomy of respective pieces, along with the elements of style and how the style evolved - concluding with a useful glossary of materials and terms. In true early 20th century fashion there is no information in it on finishing because finishing was a completely different skill and professional cabinetmakers did not finish their own furniture.

Modern Cabinet Work explains virtually every useful hand and machine technique and design detail, and features more than 2000 line drawings and photographs to illustrate the text. The celebration of craft, from an era in which things were built to last forever, comes across on every page. Once you get a copy of Modern Cabinet Work in your hands, you�ll understand how influential it was for half a century of woodworkers and teachers.

With an extensive glossary and over 2,000 line drawings and photographs. Softcover. 7 1/2" x 10". 380 pages.

Pages: 380
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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