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The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton- 2nd Edition

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Found in Departments: The History of Tools and Early Technical Processes
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The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton- 2nd Edition
The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton- 2nd Edition - Measured drawings of the tool chest are included in the book
The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton- 2nd Edition - Just about all the tools in the chest are detailed with measured drawings.

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The Seaton chest, owned by the Guildhall Museum, is the finest and most complete surviving example of an 18th century cabinet-maker's kit. The tools, which are generally in little-used condition, were bought in 1796 by Joseph Seaton, cabinet-maker, of Chatham, Kent, for his 21 year old son, Benjamin. They were supplied by Christopher Gabriel & Sons, a leading tool dealer and planemaker of Banner Street, London. Benjamin made a fine fitted chest for his new tools and recorded their cost in an inventory which survives with the chest. This publication, written by a group of Tool and Trades History Society members, describes and beautifully illustrates the chest and its wide range of tools.

This second 2012 edition greatly expands the first edition and is a must have for anyone interested in tools. In addition to more information about the Seaton family and more pictures of the tools, the real treasure is that the book has doubled in size with measured drawings of all the tools and both construction drawings and narration for making a replica toolbox. Our only complaint is that we wish the drawers were made to a higher resolution scan. But this is a nitpick, the book is awesome! 179 pages. 81/4" x 101/2". Sewn soft cover.

Pages: 179
Binding: TP
Publisher: TATHS

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