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Horse Drawn Sleighs

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The Astragal Press
Found in Departments: Carriages & Sleighs
  The Astragal Press
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Until the early 20th century, horse drawn sleighs were essential to winter travel (and to recreation) in much of the country. Yet not much has been written on the subject. This wonderful book remedies that. It is a compilation of articles from three of the outstanding carriage journals of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and covers almost every imaginable type of sleigh: Albany (or swell-body), Portland cutter, speeding cutter, multi-passenger, box-body, trap and sporting sleighs, Canadian, rumble-seat, cabriolet, vis-a-vis, closed-body, and more. Not only are these various sleighs fully illustrated with detailed line drawings, but full descriptions are given covering dimensions, materials used, trim, and painting details. In addition, the last part of the book provides much valuable information on sleigh construction: ironing, body design, painting, and trimming. The topics are enriched with the more than 360 line drawings that are original to the articles. The reader will find this book a treasure-house of information, an invaluable sourcebook. 271 pages. 362 illustrations. 81/2" x 11". Soft cover.

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