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Materials, Their Choice, Preparation and Various Modes of Working Them

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The Astragal Press
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  The History of Tools and Early Technical Processes
Materials, Their Choice, Preparation and Various Modes of Working ThemMaterials, Their Choice, Preparation and Various Modes of Working Themcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Charles Holtzapffel

This is a complete reprint of Volume I, which was originally published in 1843. It covers in detail the full range of materials that can be used, why they are chosen, how they are prepared and worked: descriptions of the ornamental characteristics and stability of the various types of wood useful for joinery and turnery; the combining of woods; how to avoid shrinkage, warping and splitting. Other more exotic materials (bone, shell, ivory, horn, tortoise) are described, with explanations of how they are prepared, cut, bent, joined, molded and inlayed. Also covered are the use of amber, slate, marble, semi-precious and precious stones; the manufacture of cast and malleable iron; forging iron and steel; hardening and tempering; metal alloys most often used; casting and founding; joining and rolling sheet metal; the various methods of soldering; and much more. Truly a treasure house of information. 480 pages. 300 illustrations. 6" x 91/4". Soft cover.

Pages: 480
Binding: TP
Publisher: Astragal Press

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