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The Gramercy Tools 12" Carcase Saw Kit and Saw Parts

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The Gramercy Tools 12" Carcase Saw Kit and Saw PartsThe Gramercy Tools 12" Carcase Saw Kit and Saw Partscancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Kit with sharpened blade, back, screws, and instructions. - Xcut ($195.00) In Stock
 Kit with sharpened blade, back, screws, and instructions. - Rip ($195.00) In Stock
 2 Carcase saw kits - one each rip and Crosscut. ($370.50) In Stock
 Split nut driver ($9.95) In Stock
Elsewhere in our catalogue we are offering the Gramercy Tools carcase saw, (see below for link) but we know some of you will want to get a chance to use that very special short end of timber you have in a drawer to customize your own set of saws. These kits comes with the following: a hand-set and hand-sharpened blade; a pair of saw nuts; and a full size handle template with some basic instructions that you can follow to make your own handle, or as a starting point for your own customization. Unlike the finished saws, kit saw blades DO NOT come with the Gramercy Tools saw etch. You can You can download a copy of the instructions for building the kit here. A split nut driver for tightening the saw nuts is recommended and can be made up yourself or is available separately. Among the innovations we are introducing with our saw is that the saw screws use a bronze lock washer so that you can easily use round holes for the screws and not have to chop square mortises. This is a departure from tradition but it greatly simplifies saw construction with no compromise in functionality. We are also making available our brass split saw screws. They are designed for a saw handle that is 7/8" thick. Each set of saw screws contains two saw bolts, two saw nuts and two lock washers. For full dimensions, click the link for the saw instructions above. Made in the USA.
Customer Reviews:
Great Saw
By: Ross (Sep, 2013)
Preparing for some hand joinery on a cherry sideboard, I decided to improve my saw inventory with the carcase saw, via the kit. The only complication encountered involved the cutting of the cherry handle slot for the saw blade. Using a jig saw, with terrible drift, resulted in back tracking to my dozuki saw to cut the slot. Made the grip fit my hand like an Olympic air pistol, so it is a pleasure to use. The surprise of using a sharp saw again, resulted in the sharpening of my hand saws in order to compete with this saw. Cuts beautifully.
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