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Traditional Upholstery Workshop DVD's

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 Volume 1: Drop-In Seats ($19.96) In Stock
by David James

If you wish to build any type of furniture that gets sat on sooner or later the question of upholstery comes up. It's a neglected part of woodworking, if for no other reason than it's always been a specialist trade. However in this day an age not being able to do upholstery really limits the styles of furntiure you can build or forces you to send the piece out for the work, which is never inexpensive.

David James, a restoration expert and certified member of the Guild of Traditional Upholsterers, shows you how to turn an old chair into a work of art. On Volume 1, Drop-in Seats, you�ll learn how to strip webbing, use curled hair, select the perfect fabric, and tack off. On Volume 2, Stuffover Upholstery, you�ll get James�s step-by-step instruction on how to strip down and unspring a chair to get it back to its bones, then dress it back up in high style. You�ll discover how to create roll edges, tufts and decorative fringe so you can bring your stuffed chairs back to their former glory (or beyond).

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Publisher: Fox Chapel

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