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Making Shaker Oval Boxes with Brent Rourke

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Making Shaker Oval Boxes with Brent RourkeMaking Shaker Oval Boxes with Brent Rourkecancelleft arrowright arrow
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Benchside Instruction on making Shaker oval boxes, trays, and carriers
by Brent Rourke

Oval Shaker boxes exist in all sorts of sizes and shapes and they make for a great small project that will be a hit for sheer usefulness around the house and of course the boxes make great presents. There’s no better inspiration for making traditional Shaker oval boxes, carriers, trays and jewel boxes than hanging out with Brent Rourke, a Canadian cabinetmaker who has crafted more than 40,000 Shaker boxes. This DVD offers benchside instruction and time-saving tips, with full explanations of how to make your own veneer; identifying which woods and what grains bend; simple jigs for box-making; and layout spacing for swallow tails. Brent and series host Rob Cosman also demonstrate both the power tool and the hand tool methods of completing each task. Running time: 1 hour 19 minutes. See the accessries listed below for kits by Rourke that contain all the wood, bits, and bobs you need to make a box with a minimum of fuss and shopping.

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