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The European Woodcarving Series on DVD with Nora Hall

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The European Woodcarving Series on DVD with Nora HallThe European Woodcarving Series on DVD with Nora Hallcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Nora Hall

Have you ever come away from watching a "how-to" video impressed by the presenter’s virtuosity, but essentially puzzled about what they just showed you? Sometimes the problem is that the editing rushes the process along, cutting from start to finish with not much in between. This set of DVD’s from Nora Hall, one of the country’s pre-eminent carvers, is different. Nora Hall was trained as a carver by her father, Johannes Leereveld, a master carver from the Netherlands, himself the child of a master carver. She has been a carver for nearly 70 years! Not surprisingly, these videos aren’t a rush to the finish line. What they are instead is a realistic grounding in the craft of woodcarving. You’ll get every bit of nuance and craft watching someone who cares as much about the craft of teaching as she does carving. Part of our own fascination with this series is the opportunity of seeing a master at work. Aside from the detailed instruction just seeing the way the carvings come out of the wood is very instructive. Each DVD has a different focus, described below.

"Nora Hall is that rarest of teachers: her skill as a craftsman is matched only by her ability to instruct and inspire her students. She combines her great carving technique with warmth, wit and a splendid style of teaching" - Gary Rogowski, Contributing Editor, Fine Woodworking Magazine
"Nora Hall is an excellent instructor and carver. She has been a mainstay of our teaching program for many years." - Peter Korn, Director, Center for Furniture Craftmanship
"Nora brings a third generation depth of knowledge about fine European carving technique coupled with a warm, caring, individual approach to her students. Nora’s students leave her workshops with a greater understanding and excitement about these skills." - Randall Koch, Executive Director, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
Vol. 1 The Basics of European Woodcarving
Highlights: an overview of the rudiments of European carving; tools description; carving a simple design with basic tools; sharpening with stones and leather strops.Running time: approximately 45 minutes.

Vol.2 Beyond the Basics of European Woodcarving
Highlights: more advanced instruction that builds upon the foundation laid in the first video. Running time: approximately 60 minutes.

Vol. 3 Advanced European Woodcarving
Highlights: immersion in a more complex carving project; tool handling and grain direction; building speed and efficiency in your work.Running time: approximately 60 minutes.

Vol. 4 Letter Carving
Highlights: Carving within the letters; removing surrounding wood; shaping letters and numbers. Running time: approximately 70 minutes.

Vol. 5 Carving the European Corbel.
Highlights: Using the decorative corbel as shelf supports, doorways, and fireplace mantles; thinking in three-dimensions; working within the framework of a border; using the spoon gouge; carving a classic acanthus leaf.Running time: approximately 100 minutes.

Vol. 6 Carving the Newport Shell
Highlights: controlling the V-Tool for delicate cuts; scalloped carving techniques; extensive use of the shallow gauge tools; precise tool and hand placement. Running time: approximately 60 minutes.

Vol. 7 Master Woodcarving Tips & Shortcuts
Highlights: how to establish correct work bench height and lighting; securing small projects for clamping; drawing with charcoal; why the European master carvers never use stop cuts. Running time of approximately 40 minutes.

Vol. 8 Carving the Egg & Dart.
Highlights: close-up footage and step-by-step instruction of the beautiful egg and dart style. Running time: approximately 30 minutes.

Vol. 9 Carving the Linenfold.
Highlights: Step-by step instruction in this quintessentially European style of relief carving, including material for advanced carver. Running time: approximately 45 minutes.

Customer Reviews:
Nora Hall
By: Charles Schultheiss (Mar, 2015)
This is an excellent series especially when combined with the plaster casts of the finished product. Highly recommended. At her death she had videos in planning, a book in press, and her chisels sharp.
I own this product.

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