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Kant Twist C-Clamps

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Kant Twist C-Clamps
Kant Twist C-Clamps
Kant Twist C-Clamps - The full range
Kant Twist C-Clamps - Weavers Handles snap easily and securely into place.
Kant Twist C-Clamps - CPS: Copper Plated Steel
Kant Twist C-Clamps - When you absolutely NEED to clamp 38 promotional wooden rulers there’s only one option: Kant Twist
Kant Twist C-Clamps - Jaw Pad detail. From L to R: Clamp with plastic pad removed, 1" clamps come with a foam pad, "No-Mar" plastic jaw pad
Kant Twist C-Clamps - Replacement plastic jaw pads are available.
Kant Twist C-Clamps - Chromed reflecting Copper - we’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.

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 1" Clamp with No-Mar Pads ($19.10) In Stock
 2" Clamp with No-Mar Pads ($21.10) In Stock
Handles and Extra Pads
 Weavers Handle for 1" Clamps ($2.08) In Stock
 Weavers Handle for 2" Clamps ($3.00) In Stock
 Weavers Handle for 3" and 4 1/2" Clamps ($3.55) In Stock
 Weavers Handle for 6" Clamps ($5.46) In Stock
 Replacement Plastic Pads for 2" Clamps (Each) ($1.65) In Stock
 Replacement Plastic Pads for 3"-6" Clamps (Each) ($1.65) In Stock
Kant Twist clamps provide generous clamping power and deep reach without walking or smearing. The elegant design eliminates the two most frustrating aspects of the typical c-clamp: jaw twist and country of origin.

Kant Twist clamps are made in the USA, and have long been a favorite of welders because they won't (kan't) pivot and walk as they're tightened. The Copper plated steel screw threads, handle and jaws provide effortless action, and are easy on the eyes. The body of the clamp is made from chrome-plated steel. Because steel is so much stronger than cast iron, the clamps are actually lighter weight than a comparable cast iron c-clamp - and the chrome plating makes them more rust resistant.

All sizes have a nice deep throat, and in the 4 1/2" and 6" sizes the geometry is slightly modified for an even deeper and more versatile reach. Considering the capacity of the larger clamps Kant Twists are noticeably lighter than regular c-clamps of the same capacity. That means they're easier to use, and carry.

Weavers handles are a great accessory. The hard plastic clips onto the handle so it won’t get lost in your workshop. While they’re not a necessity, they certainly are more comfortable in the hand (and especially at high tension) compared to the un-adorned steel t-handle.

The “No-Mar” plastic jaw pad functions just as it should by keeping “the mar” at bay. The 1” clamps have foam instead of a plastic cap - (check out the photos). The caps are replaceable and sold individually - just make sure you get the right size - 2” clamps use a smaller pad. All others use the larger pad.

Kant Twist Clamps are Made in the USA
Customer Reviews:
Excellent Clamps
By: Barrett (Jun, 2019)
Operation is smooth and easy. The threads squeak a bit, but I think that's fixable. The 6 inch one can be worn as a necklace.
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