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Jerry-Rig Universal Vise

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Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - The vise with bolt and hex keyJerry-Rig Universal Vise - The vise with bolt and hex keycancelleft arrowright arrow
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- The vise with bolt and hex key
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - The vise with bolt and hex key
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - The accessory hardware kit
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - Accessory table clamp
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - Small position plates for smaller carvings
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise - Large position plate for larger carvings in the round

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 Vise only (includes bolt and clamp for attaching to your workbench, and a hex wrench) ($364.00) In Stock
When you are carving, especially carving in the round, it's important to be cause to work on all sides of your carving. You can work on a tiny bench that you can move around, or you can have a completely flexible holder that puts the work exactly where you want it. The Jerry-Rig is a rock solid fully 360° rotatable carving platform that can be easily and rigidly locked in any position that's comfortable for the operator. The Jerry-Rig is built like a tank and objects will remain locked in position even during severe shocks incurred while using power tools. The 2 1/2" diameter clamping ball hold a carving table that at its height is about 9 1/4" above your worktable. The vise can be bolted to the workbench though a hole with a bolt and clamp (provided). For those unable to have a hole in their worktable an accessory clamp is available which clamps to the front of any table up to 3 1/4" thick. Some people have mounted their vise on the front of their workbench so that they can work sitting down. Your carving is attached to the plate and rod that sticks out from the ball. These plates and rods are easily interchangble so that you can switch to a smaller base when you need to get underneath a carving, or you just want to work on several carvings at once. To remove the rod, just unscrew a single cap screw with an allen key (supplied). Additional bases are available as an accessory. To attached you work to a plate you can use standard wood screws or get our accessory hardware kit which also includes two miniature carving screws for use with the Jerry Rig.
Customer Reviews:
By: Derek Plattsmier (Jan, 2018)
This vise is supremely sturdy, simply but excellently engineered and is my favorite "work positioner"-type vise that I own (I own six different makers' versions). The Jerry-Rig Vise is probably THE most versatile - it's just awesome.
I own this product.
Jerry-Rig Universal Vise
By: Gary Hill (Oct, 2016)
You might want to change "cause" in your first sentence (upper right corner on my screen) to "able"

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