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Osmo Polyx Pro Colors

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
Found in Departments: Oils, Varnishes, Lacquers, and Filler
  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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Silver 5412  .125lSilver 5412  .125lcancel Silver 5412 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
White Intensive 5413  .125lWhite Intensive 5413  .125lcancel White Intensive 5413 .125l ($23.99) Sold Out
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Graphite 5414  .125lGraphite 5414  .125lcancel Graphite 5414 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Smoke 5415  .125lSmoke 5415  .125lcancel Smoke 5415 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Jatoba 5416  .125lJatoba 5416  .125lcancel Jatoba 5416 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Black Intensive 5417  .125lBlack Intensive 5417  .125lcancel Black Intensive 5417 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Caramel 5436 .125lCaramel 5436 .125lcancel Caramel 5436 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Sand 5437 .125lSand 5437 .125lcancel Sand 5437 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Havanna 5441 .125lHavanna 5441 .125lcancel Havanna 5441 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Cognac 5443 .125lCognac 5443 .125lcancel Cognac 5443 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Tobacco 5464 .125lTobacco 5464 .125lcancel Tobacco 5464 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Antique 5468 .125lAntique 5468 .125lcancel Antique 5468 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
White #5411 .125lWhite #5411 .125lcancel White #5411 .125l ($23.99) In Stock
Polyx Professional Color Oil combines the benefits of Polyx Oil with rich color. It will highlight the beauty of the wood grain in a dramatic way. Use Polyx Pro Color Oil as a low-VOC, solvent-free colored base coat for wooden floors and furniture. Like the other kinds of Polyx, Polyx Professional Color Oil is suitable for kids’ toys and is food safe when dried. You get a breathable, microporous finish that is very durable and won’t crack, peel or flake. It’s resistant to saliva, sweat and most liquids and suitable for all unfinished wood and cork. Add a top coat of Osmo Polyx Oil Original (3054) to protect the pigments.<

Note: Because Polyx Pro Colors are free of solvents, they must be applied with the Osmo blade scraper, not brush or roller.

Made in Germany.
Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).

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