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Stabila Levels and Level Sets

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Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets - Sorry about the packing tape background soundtrack - our same day shipping stops for no man!play video
Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets - The rubberized wall grippers built into the removable end pieces on 196 Type levels are GRIPPY.
Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets - Type 196 Level (Above) comparison with the Type 80A level  from the Construction Set (Below)
Stabila Levels and Level Sets
Stabila Levels and Level Sets - V-Groove Magnetic Base on the 10" Torpedo Dial Level

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General Construction Set - 10"/24"/48"  (In Store Only)General Construction Set - 10"/24"/48"  (In Store Only)cancelGeneral Construction Set - 10"/24"/48" (In Store Only) ($129.99) Not available
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Stabila has been around since the mid-1800’s, but they didn’t venture overseas to the American market till the 1990’s. We’re sure glad they got around to it. Stabila sets the international standard for trusted levels - every technical detail of their levels is well-crafted, making for a wholly impressive tool. If you ever use another brand’s level, you’ll want to check it against your Stabila first. We carry a range of Stabila levels - from the best-you-can-buy Type 196 and 196 Digital, to the construction set, to the handy magnetic torpedoes. See the product tabs for individual descriptions.

Type 192 levels are accurate to +/- 0.029° in both normal and overhead orientations.

Type 196-2 Electronic level measures 0 and 90 degree in any orientation to +/- 0.05° and all other angles to +/-0.2°

Construction Set, and torpedo levels are accurate to +/- 0.029° in normal orientation and +/-0.049° in overhead orientation.

Vial accuracy on all levels is guaranteed for life.

Made in Germany

The Type 196 is a professional grade level packed with features that make it an indispensable part of your tool kit. Extra-rigid aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs, two milled leveling surfaces, ergonomic hand grips, and an electrostatic enamel finish make for a sturdy body. The end caps are highly shock-absorbent, can be removed for scribing into corners, and have protuberances on one face for gripping the wall (without marking), taking a lot of stress out of one-handed maneuvers. This level is a dream for installation and framing.

Per Stabila’s standards, the vials will not leak, break, or fog, and their accuracy is guaranteed for life. The 24” is our all-rounder, the 48” we use for larger installations, i.e. shelving or a cabin someday.

For those who are done with “-ish”. The Stabila 196-2 TECH Digital Level is the full-pro option, letting you know when you’re dead-on level to within +/-0.05°. The TECH Digital has two illuminated readouts, on the front face and top, and can be zeroed to any angle with one button. Reading can be displayed in degrees to one or two decimal points, percent, feet and inches in decimal, feet and inches in fractions, and meters and millimeters. Turn the sound on and the level will alert you when you hit level/plumb, letting you focus on aligning the piece.

The TECH Digital is IP65 rated for dust and waterproofing, and the whole tool cleans easily with a brush and water. It’s the same chassis as the Type 165, just with a robot brain (runs on two AA batteries). Vials are guaranteed for life. Electronics are guaranteed for a full year - or until the android uprising, whichever comes first.

No reason to not have one of these guys around. Cast aluminum body, large, bright vials, and rare earth magnets inset in the milled leveling surface. Especially good for tight spots, installing shelves, and pipe work, the Stabila 10" Torpedo level is hardy and handy for all quick checks. Due to their length, torpedo levels are inherently less accurate; make sure you’re not starting at a deficit with an inaccurate level.

The Magnetic Torpedo has a flat base with rare earth magnets (use to find metal studs in a pinch), while the 360°. Dial Level has an adjustable vial (use as a protractor in a pinch) and a V-Groove base (also magnetic) for sitting squarely on pipes. The Dial Torpedo has 6-ring horizontal vials for 1% and 2% slopes.

The Stabila General Construction Set is the three levels you’d need for any possible job, and at a great price for three high-quality, high-accuracy levels. This is the choice for the homeowner who prefers to make one purchase and never think about buying levels again. There are reasons for the price difference between this set and the 196: no machined surfaces, standard end caps, no hand-grips - the pro features that won’t matter to the occasional leveler. At the heart of this set is still the guaranteed-for-life vials and reinforced aluminum body. Included is a Torpedo, 24”, and 48”, all the level you need for any around-the-house task from installing plumbing to hanging a door.

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