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The Woodworking Shows - Somerset, NJ, Feb 17-19, 2017  

Fri Feb 17 12:00 PM

The Somerset New Jersey Woodworking Show is the largest woodworking show on the Woodworking Shows tour, and one of, if not the, largest woodworking show in the nation that's directed towards custom shops and hobbyists. (IWF is a much bigger show but a lot of their emphasis is on the very large, highly industrial production shop.

This will be our fourth year at the show. We are all very excited. We will be bringing all our Gramercy Tools, a fair amount of other great hand tools, and Festool. We will have tools to try out, tools to take home, and some new tools that we want you to take a look at. I'll be there Friday and Saturday, Kris is going to be there Sunday.

On the Festool side we are very, very pleased to announce that Sebastian Lata will be returning to present Festool in our booth from the practical viewpoint of a working cabinetmaker. Sebastian isn't a professional demonstrator going from show to show. Sebastian is a working cabinetmaker who runs a successful cabinet-shop doing very high end exclusive work. Every time I talk to Sebastian I learn new ways of doing things better and using Festool more efficiently and so I asked him if he would be willing to share some of his experiences using Festool daily on the job. Sebastian and his crew will be in our booth all three days of the show along with our regional Festool sales rep.

The hours of the show are:

Friday - Feb 17 12AM-6PM; Saturday 10AM-6PM; Sunday 10AM-3PM

The location is:

Garden State Exhibit Center Exhibit Hall

50 Atrium Drive

Somerset, NJ 08873

Click here for Directions

There are lots of other interesting exhibitors at the show and many classes and lectures. To see the complete list and to buy tickets (cheaper in advance)
Click here.

While we do most of our business on-line, and I know the show isn't convenient for most of you, for those of you in the neighborhood meeting you at a shows for us gives us a chance to put faces to names and have a personal sense of who you are. So we hope to see you there!

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