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Build the Knockdown Shave Horse with Amy Pate - As Seen in Popular Woodworking Magazine

Sat Feb 09 2019

Build the Knockdown Shave Horse with Amy Pate - As Seen in Popular Woodworking Magazine 1
Once again we are please to be offering a class in building an apartment appropriate shave horse. Historically shave horses have been used in many applications such as chair making, spoon carving, and coopering. We’ve designed ours to be sturdy yet collapsible - perfect for apartment living. In this workshop students will assemble their very own apartment-friendly collapsible shave horse, and leave with a little sawdust in their pockets.

Students will practice cut layout; miter- and hand-sawing; drilling, hardware installation and assembly. When you are all done you will be ready to tackle spoon carving, chairmaking, and a host of other traditional crafts. (We'll give you spoon blank stock to get you started.) And you and your apartment will have a brand new shave horse you made yourself.

This is a fast-paced, hands-on class. Tuition includes all tools and materials. Class participants must bring or purchase safety glasses or goggles and sign a safety waiver. Click here for more information and to register for the class.

Class fee: $250 instruction fee + $90 materials fee (total = $340).

Congratulations to Pate - the knockdown shave horse is featured in Popular Woodworking Magazine's February 2019 issue!
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01/25/2019 jeffk
When this isn't being used for shaving, can the horse (as built in the class) serve as a sawbench/seated workbench, with holes for holdfasts/planing stops?
the horse can certainly be used as a seated workbench, and you can add a planing stop easily. IT's a little thin for holdfasts but it can work - or just add a little more material under the bench if you need too.
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